Working with Me

Why In-Person?
The in-person program offers deeper support. While the essence of the program is quite simple, many have found that having a neutral, compassionate person/people to accompany them on the journey can be very helpful. Deadlines can be very helpful, and having a session looming can spur movement on the altar that may not happen given our own tendencies for avoidance or distraction.

In the In-Person version, we meet via 8 weekly video calls. The first call is a check-in to get a sense of your situation and how best to orient the program for your needs. Then we launch into the program of 6 sessions of an hour. During the session you share what you have chosen for responses to the previous session's prompt. We unpack whatever has come up during that week. And then I give the prompt for the following week. There is a period of reflection on the prompt and a brief share before the call ends. The program completes with a final call. Interspersed throughout are special actions that correspond with the prompt

There are two forms of the In-Person version: 

Why Private with Me?
The private program offers more personalized attention. From my initial call I learn how we can shape the program to meet your specific needs. I adjust the prompts to ones that can address the nature of your loss and experience. During our time I am there alongside you, offering solace, support, encouragement, and perhaps insight. Read below for testimonials from past participants.

Why Group?
A group setting can be helpful in the mutual support that participants can offer. There can be insights gained from those currently experiencing loss. The focus in not specifically on you, which can be helpful for some.


~~ Testimonials ~~

"The altar project with Andres' guidance helped me be present to my grief--to honor real, tangible space for interacting with something that can feel wordless. Through prompts, I was able to sit with poignant emotions and find ways to express them art-and-soul-fully."

"Andres' gentle and wise question-asking and companionship on this journey gave me peace to feel the depths of sorrow and the depths of joy. During the program, I felt health, comfort, and the power of something ephemeral and enduring."

"I'm forever grateful for the time spent honoring and, in a way, communing with my beloved stepdaughter (and my own soul). It gave me safe space for contemplation, helped me kept my heart open, and strengthened my spirit for future days. I believe this program salved and saved something in me."