About Me

Me in my saintlier moments...

Me dramatically staring into the sunset.

Dramatically looking into the sunset...

Creating beach art with my son...

My name is Andres Amador. I am best known for the ephemeral large-scale art that I make, usually on beaches. 

I've been creating impermanent art for nearly 20 years. Early on the transient nature of my art began to have an impact on how I saw my life. It connected me to my own mortality and profoundly supported my journey along what has come to be a career as an artist. 

Also from early on I began sharing the art with others, first as assistants and then as workshops of collaborative group art. These workshops evolved into various forms including ones with more depth of intention and personal development potential. 

Periodically I have been commissioned to create artwork for memorials. When possible I bring the attendees into the creation as part of their ceremony. It is a profoundly therapeutic act to create beauty in the midst of sorrow.

All these experiences were rolling around together gestating. During the pandemic when all my beach work and workshops canceled, I looked for how to bring the power of what was coming through in my art and experiences to a broader audience than the in-person programs could offer. 

This led to a program called 'Living Altars', which takes the same approach as Spirit Altars, but is focused on creating an altar to oneself. It is about self-appreciation, self-acceptance, self-love, while supporting the personal development that will likely arise. 

One day when communicating with someone about the Living Altars program, I learned that her adult daughter had died about a half year prior. I realized that the program I had been working on could not meet where she was in life at that moment. I immediately saw how the program could be altered to support her circumstance. The feedback was tremendous- you can read her thoughts in the testimonials on the home page.

A commissioned artwork made from poured colored sand- swept up almost immediately after it was completed.

The result of a beach art workshop.

Another group creation from a workshop.