Prompt: What Was Their Life Arc?

[This is more appropriate for young adults and older]

The journey of life is usually meandering and convoluted. Life can be counted not just in years, but in the movement that happened within those years. How we are at one point in our lives becomes the launching point or catalyst for what comes next. Poor decisions can have us change course to become better. We cannot be properly judged by any one slice of our lives.

When looking upon the movement of their life as you knew it, what was the larger arc that was occurring? 

Was their journey one of redemption? Was it one of focused goals towards their heart's yearning? Was it twisting but you could see a progression? 

Sometimes (perhaps always), this journey is cut short. Can you discern where their arc was taking your beloved? Can you discern not only where they were in that arc, but also what may have been next? What might they have achieved? What might have been the next chapter in their story?