Prompt: What Were They Working Through?

While our spirit is in the realm driven forward by that which lights it up, it is also responding to the things that diminish this light. These things can be traumas, perhaps personal, familial or even ancestral. 

The response may show up in adaptations that might be harmful, perhaps abusiveness towards others or self showing up as anger reactions or substance abuse. 

Perhaps it was more self-contained in the form of self-diminshment or low feelings of self-worth. 

Or perhaps they were in an oppresive situation that kept them from their potential for some period of their lives. 

In what ways did your beloved move beyond the limitations that their spirit was dealing with?

I am recalling working with the mother of an adult child who overdosed. He was on a path of recovery when he relapsed. Recognizing that their child was dealing with their demons helped the parent understand their child while also forgiving themselves of their own frustration and blame. And the mother was also able to let go of blaming herself for she recognized that her son's path was beyond her control.

Grieving can often be prolonged due to complicated feelings that we may have that reflect turbulent circumstances and relationships. When we can see our beloved's journey and struggle, it can beeasier to come back to the love that is at the core of our connection to our beloved. This can be particularly so with siblings, parents, and deaths due to life paths that we cast judgement upon. It can also help heal emotional wounding that we may have received from our beloved.