Practical Things to do when the Emotions are Overwhelming

Here are some practical things you can do when the feelings become intense.
- Feel your feelings. Cry. Don't shield others from your pain, let them be a part of who you are. You can say 'I'm sorry, please don't be afraid of my emotion. I'm okay. All I need is your loving presence. Thank you.' When we let emotion move through us, it will. When we suppress our emotions, they stick around longer. Eventually the pain will feel less intense, less sharp.
- Thank your loved one for what they brought to your life. Feel the things you appreciated about that person.
- *Breathe*
- When a particularly painful moment arises, try to find somewhere beautiful to be where you can be out of the hubbub of life (tv, busy streets, etc). bring a friend with you if you would like to not be alone. share with them your feelings, let them see you, let them know it is okay to cry, that you are okay with them seeing you crying. And they will see that you will eventually stop crying and that on the other side your emotions will be different. Your friendship will be stronger for it, and they will know that they can be vulnerable with you also.

As you go along in life the feelings will lose their edge, the pain will be less sharp. it will never truly go away, but it will dull. Turn towards a full and fulfilling life. it is what your father would assuredly want for you. Do it in their  memory, as a thank you for the guidance they gave you in your life.

I have some other practices mainly based around art that you might find helpful. let me know If you'd like me to share. I'm sorry you are suffering. I wish it weren't so. Life keeps moving and we are able to write our story, incorporating the pains we have suffered into who we can become. I wish you well.