What is an Altar?

Altars are spaces of particular intention. They hold and convey significance.  

Altars are used in many traditions as places to focus energy. This may be for remembrance, for connecting with a person or place, for accessing different aspects of ourselves. 

For the purpose of the Spirit Altars program, the altar is an interface for connecting with your lost beloved. It will act as a traditional memorial, as a place to keep memories present in physical form. It will also act as a space for communing, however that might be for you. 

The Spirit Altar is a reflection of the relationship between you and your beloved. It will contain the items that have symbolic significance to your beloved as well as yourself, and so in this way it is a memorial to your shared experience, which is an important aspect of the grief and recovery for the loss is not just the loss of your loved one, it is also the loss of your relationship. This altar is therefore a tribute to what you shared together, the parts of you that are connected to your beloved.

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