Setting up your Spirit Altar

An overarching approach I urge you to adopt is to engage your altar with a sense of the sacred.

Check in with yourself on anything you do in regards to the altar space- does it feel right to you? Does whatever you are doing grant a sense of importance and the sacred into the altar? The goal in however you set this up is for all aspects of the altar, from the siting to the adding items to the engagement of it on a daily basis (or however it may be), to contribute to the feeling of creating a space and moment that honors your beloved and is separate from your regular scheduled, busy life.

Here are some general guidelines for creating your altar space:

  • Consider the size:

    • The space does not need to be large, but if your circumstances are constrained, this will have bearing upon the size of the items you add to the altar

    • If you have lots of space for this to grow then that is a factor.

    • Of course, this is a dynamic altar, and so if it outgrows its initial location it would be time to consider alternatives.

  • Consider the location:

    • A location that is regularly trafficked where you and others can experience it frequently throughout the day- perhaps a counter space in the living room or a drawer top.

    • Or perhaps a more private location that is not so public so that engaging the altar is reserved for select moments, such as the bedroom or side room.

    • Or perhaps this will exist outside at a location that was special to your beloved such as a tree or pond or particular viewing spot.

  • Preparing the space:

    • Some like to use incense or burning sage or a ringing bell to 'purify' the space, driving stuck energy away.

    • Clear the space of clutter and debris and clean the surface of dust.

    • Consider laying down a fabric upon which the items will rest. Can this fabric have a representation of your beloved?

Your altar space is now ready.

Now would be a good time to try an activity to start building the altar.