When we lose a beloved we may be so affected by the grief that we lose connection with our lives- with our physical well-being, with our relationships, with work, and so forth.

The goal of the Spirit Altars program is to bring you to a place of being able to move forward with your own life with purpose and power.

When I speak of 'healing', I as speaking of healing the disrupt to our lives. Because truly, there is no 'healing' a lost loved one. They are gone in this material realm forever. The healing is of your own capacity to engage your own life. Its not 'moving on'. Its not 'getting over it'. The 'healing' is the getting back to eating and sleeping well, of tending to the relationships with family and friends that you still have, of being able to create and focus on your goals and work.

The loss of a loved one is a scar that we will always feel. But our body can still be healthy, functional, and complete even with a scar. Our heart can feel lightness and love even when it feels sadness.

That is my goal for you.