A gentle way to begin your own Spirit Altar...

Take several deep breaths.

Bring to mind the last time that thinking of your lost beloved brought a smile to your heart, however fleeting, even if tinged with sadness.

What was it about that moment you were recalling that brought the smile? Was it something about their character? Or perhaps something about your relationship? Or maybe a standout experience?

Now feel into something that can symbolize the qualities of your memory and bring it back to your altar space.

Whenever something brings warmth to your heart when thinking of your lost one, symbolize that in an item. Perhaps the item cannot be obtained or brought back to your altar- you might need to draw the item or allow the symbolism of the item to be abstract and not straightforward- that's okay as long as you know what it is symbolizing.

The memorial you are now creating is being filled in with moments of appreciation for the spirit they embodied and the connection you shared. While your beloved is no longer with you, the connection you shared was real and a blessing for however long it lasted in physical reality. Find comfort in having had such an opportunity- it is precious to have in this lifetime, and, like all things in this existence, ultimately fated to end, whether sooner or later. For as much pain as these memories may bring up, they are also sources of joy- focus on that aspect as a way to honor your lost one.

While you are in this process of healing, stay present to the relationships you have right now. Reach out to someone you care about and let them know how they matter to you. An organic way to do this: when a memory pops up of someone currently in your life that brings warmth to your heart, reach out and let them know that you still carry it with you, that it matters to you.

This process I am speaking to can stir up complicated feelings that reflect turbulent circumstances and relationships. How can we reconcile conflict and emotional wounds with the love that is at the core- particularly so with siblings, parents, and deaths due to life paths that we have judgement upon? The Spirit Altars program can help unravel these complications to help foster deeper heart opening and connection, ultimately offering smoother movement through the sharp pain of grief, to reach the place of acceptance and inner peace.

I wish you well on your path of integrating your loss and staying open to your life.

If you appreciate this short guide, consider what the full program can offer you.